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If Walls Could Talk: Interior Design Ideas for Your Zoom Space

Working from home has become the new normal, and it’s not set to change any time soon. In fact, many businesses are looking into hybrid models as the future of business. Fortunately, technology has given us the tools to work from any location, making virtual meetings a reality. For realtors, video conferencing with buyers and sellers has become an almost daily occurrence, as has meetings with stakeholders, colleagues, and other related industry professionals. With video conferencing taking over from traditional meetings, you need your home office to reflect your professionalism. The décor you choose should be indicative of your line of work and support that narrative. While the temporary set up in your dining room or kitchen may have sufficed until now, it’s time to invest in a beautifully designed office space to really wow customers and colleagues. From lighting to the color pallet and everything in between, there’s a lot that you can do to redesign your workspace to zhush it up for Zoom meetings.

Think Like a Home Stager

All realtors will be familiar with home staging specialists, and now’s the perfect time to follow their lead. Your aim is to create a stage set that perfectly matches your business persona and makes clients feel like they’re in a real meeting, all while feeling welcome and at ease. The way you design your Zoom space should reflect your professionalism while offering hints of personality and warmth. By adding these elements, you can create a video conferencing space that creates the ideal virtual impression:

Capitalize On Colors and Textures
A blank, white wall is undoubtedly the most boring, unflattering background you can possibly choose. If you have a wall behind you, paint it a shade other than white but try and steer clear of hues that are too dark. It’s also best to avoid colors that are overly bright or quirky. Remember, you’re trying to show your professionalism, not the colors of the rainbow. Yes, it’s a space in your home, but it’s serving a dual purpose, so finding the perfect middle ground is important. Save that feature wall for another spot. If you’d like to add a more creative touch, choose a statement wallpaper with an embossed design, or hang a large artwork behind you. Just be careful not to choose something too busy, as it will overpower the space you occupy on the screen.

Pick the Perfect Furniture

Furniture can be used to add character to your space and give your room a quick makeover. But don’t overdo it; you don’t want your background to look chaotic or messy. Rather than long tables and lots of chairs, opt for a statement chair, or a sofa filled with colorful cushions artfully arranged. If you have a small table, add a few items of interest that make the space more personal. However, steer clear of huge family photographs or anything you wouldn’t have in your real office. You don’t want to bring too much of your home into the space. Bring back the bookshelf if you’ve got a collection of books piled up in the corner, it’s time to dust them off and display them.
A bookshelf not only complements your current décor, but it’s a great way to showcase your home library too. If you have several books that tie in with your profession, even better. Realtors can add books on design, architecture, or décor to bring the theme together. A bookcase filled with well-chosen books is understated but adds a splash of color to any setting. Keep it simple, and don’t overcomplicate it.

Liven It Up With Potted Plants
You don’t need to create an indoor forest, but a few potted plants in varying sizes will add an aesthetic appeal to your space that translates well on screen. Plants also show that you have a nurturing side and make an office set up look more relaxed and welcoming. You can choose a few small plants or opt for a larger tree in a pot behind you. If you want to add a pop of color, pick planters that complement your décor.

Light It Up
As with most things in life, good lighting is key to a great photo, and your Zoom meetings are no different. Sitting in the dark will make it hard to see your face and appear rather gloomy. If you can, find a spot filled with natural light. Alternatively, lighting can be utilized to enhance your space. Ring lights are popular with vloggers and bloggers, and many professionals are snapping them up for Zoom calls too. If a ring light isn’t a viable option, add a lamp or change your lightbulbs to offer a brighter, more flattering glow.

The Right Angle
You know how an angle can make or break a photograph? The same goes for video. Having the proper seating and your computer monitor adjusted accordingly is essential if you want to portray the right image. In addition to an angle that’s flattering for you, you want to make sure you capture the room behind you in the best possible way. Take the time to play around with different camera angles until you find the most appealing option.

Fake It Till You Make It
In recent years, realtors have embraced technology, conducting virtual tours and using apps, productivity tools, and other digital resources to enhance their business. If redoing your home office décor is not an option, you can once again harness the power of tech and opt for a digital alternative instead.Several leading interior brands have taken the idea of zany Zoom backgrounds and given them a stylish twist, creating virtual wallpapers that are understated and sophisticated.
These wall coverings may be virtual, but they look real and allow you to hide a multitude of sins in your home. They’re also ideal for anyone working in a small space that doesn’t lend itself to creating a professional impression. From divine striped or patterned wallpaper to bright and breezy backdrops, you’ll be able to find the virtual background that perfectly suits your needs. Creating a professional space to host video meetings doesn’t need to be a huge job.; it just takes a little creativity. By using these tips, your décor can accentuate your workspace and portray a sense of class and elegance – all from the comfort of your own home.

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