Are you looking for more space at home? Or maybe you want to create a perfect weekend getaway? Then a micro home by Cubist Engineering is right for you! Cubist engineers custom craft these micro homes in their shop and deliver them ready to use. These homes install quickly and easily anywhere without cranes or contractors. All homes come with removable wheels so your space can look as permanent as you need, or can be easily moved around. 3 models are currently available The Adirondack, The Newport, and The Sturgis. Prices starting at $24,000 for 64 SF.

These homes are already built and can be ready for delivery in 2-4 weeks. Contact Tina Nigro today at c: 518.495.7164 for more information!



Cubist Engineering, Julie & Co. Realty

Cubist Engineering began in 2015 when we looked around and couldn’t find anyone bringing handmade modern design, careful craftsmanship and well-sourced materials to small pre-fab spaces.

The “tiny home” movement seemed dominated by low-cost stick-framed structures that all looked like dollhouses. Modern pre-fab companies made gorgeous buildings but seemed limited in choices and a nightmare to install.

As lifelong makers, the thing that gets us out of bed every morning is building new stuff and learning with every project we take on.

So Cubist grew out of an idea: That through extensive R&D, we could develop a set of techniques and materials that would allow us to efficiently create custom pre-fab spaces. And that we could do it while never feeling like we were compromising on the finishes we chose or the work we did. Not luxury for luxury’s sake, just comfortable, beautiful, durable construction.

After more than a year of research, design, and engineering, we began building, to test our theories and to demonstrate the kind of work we can do. With our first three builds finished, we’re now working on new projects for clients, applying what we’ve learned and learning new lessons.

  • Tina Nigro, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
    • Licensed Real Estate Salesperson - Residential and Commercial