10 Sizzling Ways to Make a Feature of Your Cooker Splashback

October 20, 2016

10 Sizzling Ways to Make a Feature of Your Cooker Splashback

The wall behind your cooker needs to be protective and practical, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look fabulous, too. In fact, a splashback offers the perfect opportunity to get really creative. Check out these ideas for inspiration.

A wide tiled area like this makes the kitchen workspace very practical, as splashes from any area can simply be wiped away. The grey grout is a good choice, as it won’t get stained as fast as white would. It’s a good option, too, if you don’t want to draw your eye to your cooker and could help to make a smaller room appear bigger.

As it reaches from the work surface to the ceiling and across the span almost without a join, the finish looks expensive without being showy. The natural beauty is allowed to shine and gives the room elegance and personality.

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The glass here is attached to the cooker as a lid, but you could achieve the same look by fixing a sheet of glass to the wall.

It’s best to choose this option at the time of buying a new worktop – ask the suppliers to create a splashback to your chosen size when they’re cutting it. They can fit it all at the same time so the joins are seamless and the finish beautifully tailored.

Numerous companies can create a bespoke map splashback for you, so search online.

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The style here is perfect for adding interest to a plain kitchen without introducing colour. It’s understated yet eye-catching. You’ll need a specialist company to provide the glass, as they will ensure it’s tough and heatproof.

Specialist firms can fuse fabric between two layers of heat-resistant glass to create your own individual version. Hunt online for various suppliers to find out what can be achieved.

When choosing tiles for your own version of this, ask the store to check they will work behind a hob and buy several different designs as samples. Take them home and prop them up in the room to help you choose which looks best in your setting.

It doesn’t shout its presence as much as the cooker, but the unusual shape means it holds its own in this bold kitchen.

Ceramic tiles are easy to cut and fit yourself in a way that glass isn’t, so this is a perfect option if you want the intensity of colour without the hefty price tag.

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