Second Homes

Is your family ready to consider a secondary home? Whether you are looking for a seasonal rental near the Saratoga Racetrack or a secluded summer camp in the Adirondacks, we are here to help you find the perfect property! Our North Country agents have lived and worked in the Adirondack Region for many years and can help direct you to the best pieces of property in the region. If the Saratoga area is more your style, our agents based in the local area can help advise you on a seasonal rental, condominium, or year-round home that is right for you. Not only can our agents help you locate the perfect second home, but they can also assist you in renting it when not in use for additional income.

Our agents are also well versed in what is permissible in specific towns when it comes the Airbnb, VRBO as well as all the Landlord Tenant Laws which were updated in 2019.

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