2022 Pantone Color of the Year

For the arts and design industries, every new year brings a new Pantone Color of the Year that sparks conversations, influences design choices, and sets the tone for the new year. This year is no different, with Pantone releasing its 2022 Color of the Year at the beginning of January.

The color is called Very Peri (PANTONE 17-3938) and, true to its name, it is as periwinkle as purple can be! At once soft and bright, this color was created by Pantone specifically to be the new color of the year.

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13 Mouth-Watering Hors d’Oeuvres for Your Housewarming Party

You’ve finally closed on your house, unpacked most of your boxes and hung up your favorite photos. The décor is done and you are proud to call your new home your own! Now it is time to throw a Housewarming Party so that you can celebrate all your hard work with your friends. Besides showing off your gorgeous new home, you’ll need to come up with the perfect menu to feed all your guests! Looking for delicious hors d’oeuvres to serve everyone? Take a look at these mouth-watering options!

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Saratoga Small Businesses for All Your Holiday Shopping

It’s that time of year already – the holidays are approaching quickly! If you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift for someone special on your list, but don’t have time to wait for ordering and shipping, don’t overlook the local businesses that might have the perfect gift you need! We’ve compiled some of our favorite Saratoga small businesses below that may have just the right item you are looking for.

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Winter Home Energy Saving Tips

Cool, crisp weather has arrived here to Upstate New York. With both falling snow and falling temperatures, homeowners have begun to turn their attentions to finishing raking leaves, covering lawn ornaments, and putting away lawnmowers and other outdoor equipment. These yearly yard-maintenance rituals help prepare homeowners for the inevitable snow that will blanket the area over the coming months. When the outside tasks are completed, homeowners should consider turning their attention indoors to prepare their home for winter as well.

Preparing your home for winter has many benefits, from keeping you warm and comfortable inside to reducing your energy bill all season long. A well-cared-for home should be optimized for saving energy, yet maintaining comfortability throughout the year. No one wants a home that seeps precious, warm air out into the cold winter nights. Nor does anyone appreciate waking up to find that their windows have a strong, cold draft next to their beds – not to mention frozen pipes and other cold weather issues that can arise.

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