Exciting Reasons to Visit Saratoga

From: Discover Saratoga WONDERING IF YOU SHOULD VISIT SARATOGA SPRINGS? HERE ARE THE TOP 10 REASONS WHY YOU NEED TO! Saratoga Springs is a year-round destination, perfectly located in Upstate New York! In Saratoga Springs, all the bases are covered for your next vacation, company meeting or event, from transportation, to fabulous accommodations, to state-of-the-art convention and

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Saratoga Mineral Springs

The mineral springs in Saratoga are among the few naturally carbonated springs in the country. The springs are a result of a geological fault that allows water trapped in shallow layers, to surface. Iriquois and Mohawk tribes drank and bathed in these waters because they believed in the healing properties. The Mohawk tribe called the

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Spring is in the air, or is it?  Today is the first full day of Spring and yet the case of water I put on the porch last night was semi frozen this morning.  Yet I look at it this way...it can’t last forever.  With that having been said, outdoor patio dining is almost here,

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