Camille’s Blog of the Week 2/4/16

February 04, 2016

Camille Hord, Licensed Real Estate Broker

Camille’s Blog of the Week

Respect Your Elders: The Oldest Homes Currently for Sale

Curious about the oldest house in our national listings, we went on a journey back in time. How far back? Try over 300 years. We pinned down a house in Massachusetts built in 1683—nine years before the Salem witch trials took place.

Beyond that oldie but goodie, we found nine other ollllllllld homes currently on the market. We ranked ’em by age and came up with the 10 most senior homes for sale.

While you expect to pay top dollar for a well-preserved antique, a few of the homes we found are budget-friendly, offering average home buyers the opportunity to snap up a historic gem of their own.

And another heads up—don’t expect to see any homes west of the original 13 colonies. These homes, clustered primarily in Connecticut and Massachusetts, predate the perfect union. In fact, that they’re still standing is a testament to their, ah, founders.

Count down and gaze upon homes built way before the American Revolution… Read Full Article