Fall is Finally Upon Us

November 02, 2017

Fall Blog, Julie & Co Realty

By; Camille Hord

Fall is finally upon us. After leaving work yesterday, I just couldn’t get warm.  Thinking I was coming down with something, I put the heat on 70 degrees, put on flannel pj’s and got under the covers in my comfy bed. I’m fine today.

It was actually refreshing to leave the house this morning with the air being crisp and clean, and cold enough to have a sweater on.  Driving down the street I noticed, just like my house, most of the houses had bags and                                    bags of leaves at the road ready for the city to pick up.  At another house I notice that a neighbor was putting the wooden tents over some of his shrubs.  At yet at another house I noticed that the owners had cut back all                                      the flowers that adorned their front yard all Summer.

Driving by Five Point’s Grocery, I noticed the die-hards that were still drinking their coffee at an outside table.  The only difference was that they had on sweat shirts and jackets.

Now that we are past the beautiful colors, it’s starting to look a little dreary with the trees losing their leaves, but I still love the transformation into the Fall Season.  It’s my favorite time of year.  I just have to get used to the fact that my back yard is no longer private because all the leaves are down. Really though, who cares!  Who’s in the back yard this time of year?  Well, we have been known to have a roaring fire in the fire pit while sipping on some blackberry brandy or something equally as sweet.

This is the time of year to make chili, chicken soup, beef stew and to eat the best cider donuts.  I’ll rely on someone else to make the apple and pumpkin pies as well as the zuchinni bread.  Baking is too precise for me.

This will be the week end to put away the summer clothes and get out the cozy sweaters, jackets and scarves.

Once the snow comes I start to get a little grumpy, if it’s more than a couple of inches., but that is the great thing about the Northeast, we can count on all seasons lasting a few months.  We’re fortunate not to have the horrific weather that so many other places have to endure. So, hello to late Fall and I will be making chili when I go home tonight.  I just have to stop at Price Chopper and pick up one of their crusty artisan breads to go with it.  Can’t wait.