Fun and Funky Cocktails for Fall

November 09, 2022

The air is getting crisp, the leaves have fallen, and an autumn palette is everywhere you look! While we’re transitioning into the end of the year, we don’t just want to switch up our wardrobes, we need to change our go-to drinks as well.  The fall season is all about spices, pumpkin, and everyone’s favorite – apple!  Take a look at these fall cocktails to try, both hot and cold depending on your mood, throughout the season.


hot spiked apple cider in a glass jar with a background of oranges and apples

One of our favorite fall activities in Upstate New York is apple picking with families or friends.  Hot apple cider is paired well with warm donuts at the orchard, but a warm cider cocktail is the perfect way to bring the apple experience indoors. Spiked Apple Cider is a seasonal favorite and can be made with various liquors depending on personal preference, but rum and bourbon are often fan favorites.

apple cider mimosa in a champagne flute with a cinnamon rim and an apple garnish

Apple Mimosas are another great way to incorporate fun fall drinks into an everyday classic.  All you need, besides the champagne, is apple cider, a little cinnamon, and a pinch of sugar!  While simple, this combo gives the flavors and fall vibes that we’re looking for this time of year.


caramel apple mule with an apple garnish set on a bamboo plate, decorated with cinnamon sticks and an apple

For one final apple-focused concoction, try out this Carmel Apple Mule which is sure to be a crowd pleaser.  This drink is a perfectly easy way to impress guests, or even to enjoy alone on a crisp evening at home. Make sure to find a fun or funky mule glass to enjoy this in, and then enjoy this sipping experience.


pumpkin white Russian in a cinnamon rimmed glass, with cinnamon sticks and pumpkins in the background

Fall would not be complete without the use of pumpkins; décor, carving, food, and drinks are all great ways to incorporate this staple. Pumpkin is a strong flavor, but it can be a bold seasonal cocktail that all can enjoy. This Pumpkin White Russian is sweet and creamy, a great drink to enjoy in the evening as a dessert, or even a special treat during the day.


pumpkin old fashioned in a glass with ice and a sprig of rosemary set against a dark background

You can also try a twist on a classic, the old fashioned, by infusing it with pumpkin spices.  This drink is perfect for those who want to get creative with flavors, but don’t want the drink overpowered by fall essence.  The Pumpkin Old Fashioned is still a bourbon-forward drink, with hints of pumpkin and vanilla as the drink goes down.


Autumn ash cocktail with a lemon peel garnish in a coupe glass

Want options without the apple or pumpkin influence?  The Autumn’s First Press and Autumn Ash are perfect examples of fun drinks that can be served at a dinner party or enjoyed on a beautiful fall day.  These drinks encompass some hints of the season without being overpowering on certain flavors. They can be topped with smoke to give them a woodsy flavor that pairs well with scotch, but subtle enough to appeal to a range of palettes.  These drinks are fabulous for some non-sweet options, while also having larger liquor content in them.


Fall sangria, shown in a top-down view of the drink in a pitcher

No drink list would be complete without a sangria large enough for everyone at a Thanksgiving feast! A fall sangria is the perfect drink if you want to serve something special at a party for guests to enjoy.  This Fall Sangria can be made in a large batch and is infused with cinnamon and other fall flavors that you can throw in.  Make sure to allow time for the ingredients to really sit in the mix for a more intense flavor.



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