September 07, 2017

Even though Summer in Saratoga is great and everything comes alive with people and horses, there is nothing like the Fall Season.  It’s always been my favorite time of year.  I always wondered if that was the case, because I born at the end of September.

fall-autumn-red-season, Julie & Co RealtyOne of my favorite things to do is to go to Saratoga Apple (formerly Bullard’s Orchard) and get a bag of just picked apples.  Macoun is my favorite, because they are firm and crisp and snap when you bite into them.  In the old day’s I used to pick them myself, until many years ago when I saw a couple of little snakes and that cured me.  Other than the apples of every variety, their cider donuts are remarkable.  They make them everyday and you can be sure to get some that are still warm.  It is well worth the ride out to Schuylerville.

I like the weather just cool and crisp enough to wear a sweater.  The air even smells different in the Fall, clean and fresh.

Obviously the change in color of the foliage is awesome.  You wonder how these beautiful colors come to be.  I’m sure I learned in some Science class.

If you are looking for things to do in the Fall, there are any number of fun things such as:

Getting lost in a corn maze
Hot air balloon ride
Tailgate at your local football game
Plant bulbs for next Spring
Take the kids to a pumpkin patch
There is always an Octoberfest somewhere

So, take the time to enjoy the many things that Fall brings.  (Watch out
for those donuts, they’re addictive).