Saratoga Springs Featured in Upstate NY Towns Video

December 21, 2022

Saratoga Springs is featured in this fun and informative video about Upstate NY! Did you know that Saratoga is one of the top towns in the state, in regards to income level and cost of real estate? This video, published by Schmancy, shares some of the great things about living, or just visiting, Saratoga.

Known originally to the Mohawk peoples as the “Sarachtague,” Saratoga Springs has always been recognized as a special area with its naturally carbonated mineral springs. In 1802, Gideon Putnam set out to create a spa resort located at this unique place, with the first structure being built here across from what is now Congress Spring. The city of Saratoga Springs sprang to life after that initial tavern was built by Putnam. The railroad arrived to the area in 1831, bringing Saratoga’s earliest tourists. The first thoroughbred racing meet was coordinated in 1863, making the Saratoga Race Course both the oldest race track in America, as well as the oldest sports facility in the country.

Tourists continued to arrive each summer, as they still do today – many for the same reasons. They came to enjoy the mineral springs, horse racing, boating on Saratoga Lake, and gambling alongside the city’s most glamourous members. Saratoga is known for the many beautiful parks and architecture that were built throughout this time, and into today. In the 1960’s, a master plan was created to help develop the city of Saratoga Springs into what it looks like today, complete with the creation of the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, which brought the New York City Ballet and the Philadelphia Orchestra to Saratoga.



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