Spring 2023 Interior Design Trends

May 03, 2023

Spring is in full swing here in upstate NY, and with it comes the itch to refresh and update interior spaces for the year. This year, there are several design trends that interior designers are excited to incorporate, and you can too! Take a look at some of our favorite new trends for spring 2023.

Bedroom with a dark peach accent wall, blue and yellow artwork, and a bed with a blue headboard, gold and orange pillows, and a white beadspread.


Complementary Colors –

Blue and orange, green and pink, lavender and yellow – complementary pairs work so well together because they are opposites on the color wheel, making them pleasing to the eye. Try adding accents of the complementary color to the dominant color in your space to freshen it up for spring. Indigo with yellows and golds are still a strong option this year!

Livingroom with orange armchair, lots of plants, a textured carpet, and gold credenza

Maximalism –

While minimalism was the key design aesthetic for many years, elements of maximalism are creeping back into fashion. Consider how you can layer colors and textures to make a warm, inviting space, while keeping it light and bright. Use textures like wicker and wood with bold patterns to achieve this look.

Dining area with dried grasses in a vase and Bird of Paradise plant in the corner.

Biophilic Elements –

Bring the outside inside for this trend, to add the rejuvenation of spring to your home. Add plants and natural materials to your spaces to achieve this by finding sunny corners for live plants to grow, a blank wall for a wallpaper with organic, natural shapes, and places for accent furniture made out of natural materials.

Bathroom with white subway tile, black and white accent tile, and black fixtures.

Bold Bathroom Tiles –

If your bathroom is in need of a facelift, what better option than picking new tiles for the floors, shower walls, or backsplash! A bold tile choice can accent the dominant colors and finishes throughout the rest of the room. Try using strong geometric patterns, like chevrons or hexagons, to add a splash of interest to your bathroom.

room with arched windows, a curved chandelier, and curved sofa, chairs, and coffee table.

Curves –

Change up the way a space feels in your home by adding a curved element – through furniture, an area rug, or curved mirror or wall art. Curved lines help break up the way your eye moves through a space, creating visual interest when you step into a room. The curved influence is especially apparent in Scandinavian furniture, so look there for inspiration!

What trends are you looking forward to incorporating this year? Just one or two small changes can make a big difference enhancing the design that already is there! Keep these design ideas in mind as you consider changes to your home this spring.


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By: Rachel Valerio

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