Supporting Puerto Rico

February 06, 2018

Puerto Rico, Julie & Co Realty

By: Camille Hord

So here I am sitting on the beach drinking my morning coffee watching the waves rolling in and almost feeling guilty.  The guilt is because I am in Puerto Rico and so much of the Island is still a disaster area, and I am in Paradise.   There is still some evidence of the disaster where I am, but nothing compared to the rest of the island.

The locals are working together to help each other.  They are not placing blame on anyone for not sending enough help, they are just happy to be alive.  I could have gone anywhere for six weeks but my friends and I decided that we would spend our money here, in our happy place, and do our part to boost the economy.

We did go without power for several hours, but we had candles, rum and kindles.

There are still many places that have no power.  There are electrical companies here from the States working seven days a week, sixteen hours a day for thirty days. They go back home and another crew comes in. These crews are from all over the States.

Last night we left the resort and went into Humacoa to one our favorite tiny local restaurants.  I had the best seafood paella ever.  It was a happy place with locals and a couple of military men.  Lots of laughs, plenty of white sangria and no talk of disaster.

Our usual stores like Walmart, for groceries, and Walgreens were totally destroyed, so we have to drive a few extra miles.  No big deal.

The Puerto Rican people are warm, loving people and can’t do enough to make our stay here a great experience.

I have been coming here for 28 years and have local friends as well as others from the States who come down here at the same time. This is my most favorite place in the whole world.

I’m sitting on the patio watching the ocean waves, having coffee and thinking what a great life I have.