Why Curb Appeal is Critical to Selling Your Home

April 18, 2019

Curb Appeal, Julie & Co. Realty

Perhaps unsurprisingly, 47% of participants surveyed revealed that the most valued front yard updates a seller can do are tidying up beds and borders. Making your property look alluring from the outside is essential if you want prospective buyers to explore the interior. Not only will attractive curb appeal convince a buyer that the inside is worth seeing, but it can also increase your property’s value and potentially sell more quickly. However, many homeowners overlook sprucing up the exteriors when preparing their home for sale. Here are three reasons why it’s vital to improve your home’s curb appeal.

Creates positive effects

Curb appeal is how attractive your property looks from the street. First impressions are everything, after all. If your home has a tidy garden, an intact roof, and up-to-date garage maintenance, it increases the Wow factor. Whether you’re a home or a business owner, it’s necessary to spend time and effort on the appearance of your building so it doesn’t negatively impact a buyer’s judgment. After all, a person wouldn’t buy a dirty vehicle from an unkept car lot; and nor would someone buy their future home from an owner who has neglected to look after their property.

Helps your home stand out

If your home’s lawn is overgrown, the paint is peeling, gutters are hanging off, or there are cracks in the concrete, buyers will be convinced that there are other maintenance issues inside. This can translate to added expense and stress for potential home buyers, and leave you wondering why your home isn’t selling. However, if your home is in great shape with all outdoor areas looking like they’re cared for, it will stand out from other competitors in the area that haven’t put in the same effort.

Increases perceived value

You don’t need to overspend on upgrading your property. Making small, inexpensive changes all contribute to your home’s curb appeal. In a buyer’s mind, these add value to the property and make the difference between offering a healthy market value or a low price. While a property’s home design, condition, and age all add to its value, a buyer doesn’t want to be faced with additional expensive maintenance projects. Improving the curb appeal helps to lessen any negative effects and goes a long way to selling your house faster.

You shouldn’t underestimate the power of curb appeal when selling your property. Buyers are keen to see the inside if they’ve been enticed by the quality of the outside. Once you realize the importance of sprucing up your home’s exterior, you’re more likely to have interested buyers eager to make an offer.

Written by Cassie Lionel