3 Ways To Stage Your Home that Appeal to the Senses

July 12, 2019

Tray on Coffee Table

In a competitive market, staging your home for viewings can increase the speed at which it sells by 73%. Removing personal items, rearranging furniture and clearing away clutter will help ensure your home looks clean and tidy for online and brochure photographs. However, by adding some small sensory touches, you can also make your home a pleasant and enticing environment that will stimulate the senses of potential buyers viewing your home in person.

Tempting Aromas

House sellers are often inclined to burn scented candles or spray air fresheners throughout their home before a viewing. However, these can be overpowering, and many people are sensitive to the artificial smells. A preferable aroma is that of freshly roasted gourmet coffee which communicates to buyers a sense of luxury but also that the home is lived in. If you do put on a pot of coffee or bake spiced cookies for the alluring smell, it’s a nice touch to actually serve them to viewers. They will then be enticed to stay longer and view more of what you home has to offer.

An Attractive Soundscape

Loud sounds can be distracting when looking around a home, so make sure that the windows are closed if you live on a busy road or if your neighbor has decided to mow the lawn. If you are in the house during a viewing, turn off the TV and make sure that noisy washing machines and dishwashers aren’t running. However, if you have built in speakers that will be staying with the house, playing soft, neutral music will demonstrate the system, create a relaxing atmosphere, and elicit a positive emotional response from potential buyers.

Captivating Light

Lighting is another important element of showing a home at its best. Make the most of any natural light, and create a feeling of space, by removing heavy drapes or items of furniture that are blocking windows. Open curtains and blinds fully to let in more light and show off attractive views. On a dull day or in the evening, lamps can be used to illuminate dark corners and corridors, and directional lighting will enhance architectural features and draw attention to other aspects of particular interest.

As well as cleaning and decluttering your property, adding some attractive sights, scents and sounds can help set the scene for successful viewings. Relaxed buyers will see your home at its best and be encouraged to spend more time giving it the attention it deserves.

Post written by: Cassie Lionel