10 Ways to Get Organized for Back to School

August 28, 2019

Brown Scrabble Tiles on Yellow Paper

The “Back to School” season is a busy time for many – especially families. Between enjoying the remnants of summer vacation and getting everyone back into a routine, things can get chaotic and disorganized. We’ve come up with 10 suggestions that you can easily implement into your routine so the shift Back to School can be a seamless transition for you and your family.

Label Everything

Whether it’s a lunch box, water bottle, pencil case, etc. it’s always a good idea to label the items that you and your family bring to school or work to avoid confusion and possible loss. Super organizers can use a label maker, but writing down your name with permanent marker will suffice as well.

Meal Prepping is Your Best Friend

Planning your meals ahead not only saves time, but money as well. You will be less likely to eat out for meals if you have fridge full of already prepared meals at home. You’ll also notice you will have more time to spend with your family, your hobbies or just sitting back and relaxing. We found some great recipes that make meal prepping a breeze HERE.

File Important Documents by Category

Contact sheets, permission slips and syllabi are some of the many kinds of documents you’ll want to keep track of and have easy access to. All you need is a filing drawer or divided folder so you can organize papers based on if they are for home, school, by class or by family member. It’s important that you label the tabs at the top of each divider then alphabetize them to save time searching for which one you need.

Have Pre-Made Bags of Supplies Handy

Need something on the go? Have a bag packed ahead of time and put in your car so you’ll have it a moment’s notice. Items can include, phone chargers, batteries, pens/pencils as well as first aid kits.

Practice Time Management

It’s never to early to teach school-aged children about time management. Have a family planner that details school and sporting events, appointments and social activities so you and your family always know what you have going on. Also, have your children pack their school bags the night before so in the morning all they have to do is grab and go!

Organize Your Bathroom

Make getting ready in the morning (or just in general) easier by making sure every item is in its specified place. Store toothbrushes in designated holders and hair products in the same location. By making sure you’re putting everything back where it’s meant to be, your mornings will go a lot smoother.

Create a Supply Stash

Prevent late night stress about last minute school projects or tests by creating a supply stash of supplies such as color pencils, index cards, glue sticks and even poster boards. It’ll save you a late night trip to the store and even money if you buy them in bulk!

Set Aside Clothes Ahead of Time

Deciding on the right outfit for the day can lead to being behind schedule so why not try planning your outfit the night before or for the week ahead? You can purchase collapsible drawers to set aside your clothes or you can just designate a special shelf in your closet.

Keep Lunch Supplies in One Spot

If you and your kids brown bag their lunch, make things easier on yourself by setting up a spot in your fridge and pantry with everything you may need. Set aside cold cuts for sandwiches, fruit and vegetables pre-portioned and other lunch time essentials so all you and your kids have to do is pack and go. It’ll even be a great start in helping kids learn how to make their own lunches!

Create a Routine 

Write up a morning/nightly checklist for your little ones to follow that establishes chores, bedtimes, and other duties that need to be completed every day. Not only will it teach accountability, but the likelihood of tasks falling on the wayside goes down.