DIY Projects to Prepare Your Property for the Spring Market

October 14, 2022

As summer outdoor projects end for the year, many homeowners turn their attentions to interior home renovation projects during the winter months. While home renovations may seem intimidating to some, there are many types of indoor home projects that any homeowner can undertake – especially if they are considering listing their home on the market in the spring.

Springtime is a common time for people to list their homes for a number of reasons. Few people, especially in the Northeast, look forward to moving during the snowy, cold winter months. Moving during warmer weather can, logistically, be much simpler. Putting an offer on a home in the spring can also allow families to time their move between school years, especially if they have an eye on changing school districts.

While there are plenty of good reasons to move in other seasons as well, if you are a homeowner looking to list this upcoming spring, now is the time to consider home improvement projects that can help towards the sale of your home later. Here are some of the best Do It Yourself projects you can consider!

DIY Home Renovations

A Small Remodel to the Kitchen

According to, the average cost to have this work done is $28,279 in 2022, with a recouped cost of 71.2%. Doing this work yourself will increase your return on your investment so much more! While renovating an entire kitchen is an intimidating task, focusing on a few key factors may make this project more manageable.

For instance, consider refacing or refinishing cabinets to something light, clean, and modern. Installing a new sink is also a surprisingly-straightforward task, provided you check that the sink you purchase matches your faucet hardware and plumbing under the counter. Take a look at your walls as well. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way in updating the look of your home, while being cost effective to do.


Bathroom Remodel

Replacing an older tub, or even re-glazing the surface, can bring new life to a bathroom. Also consider updating faucets and fixtures, re-finishing the vanity, or putting in new tile. Even installing a new low-flow toilet can be a great, small renovation to upgrade a bathroom. Taken step by step, these changes can greatly impact the value of your investment. reports that the average return on these projects is 102%.

DIY Home Renovations

Utilized Attic Space

Do you have unused attic space that could be turned into an additional bedroom or office space? If you have the ability to provide sufficient heating and cooling to this new space, consider finishing it into an extra room in your home. Once insulation is added, this space can be as warm and comfortable as the rest of your house.


Basement Renovation

Another often under-utilized space is the basement. Adding finished, drywalled walls, you can create any type of space in most basements. Provided your home has tall enough ceilings, a basement bedroom, wet bar, theater room, and more can be added to a basement. Make sure to add egress windows as necessary and confirm that your basement is dry with plenty of drainage first, before starting a basement project.

DIY Home Renovations

Upgrade the Fireplace

Consider adding value to your home by updating an older, less efficient fire place with a newer gas or electric model. Even refinishing the stone or brick around your fireplace can give your space a lift. Especially in places like Saratoga Springs, NY, fireplaces can be a big bonus in a home.


Give Your Garage a Facelift

While this project may have to be times with the weather, you can put in a new garage door during the winter. Look at doors with windows, smart control features, and colors that complement your house when picking out a new garage door. If you are able to keep the motorized garage door opener, and simply replacing just the door, this project can be relatively cost effective.


Hardwood Flooring

Upgrading your flooring to hardwood is something that can be recouped  up to 100%, if you are able to do the installation yourself, according to With just a little bit of practice, a new floor is not too difficult for homeowners to do themselves, and can usually be installed within a week. Alternatively, if your home already has older hardwood flooring, you may be able to re-finish the wood for a simple update to your space.



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