My Mom Life: Sara Cummings

March 02, 2017

Let’s meet Sara, licensed real estate sales person and mama to August Anne and Jameson Adam (and a fellow book clubber of mine)…

MAMATOGA: As a working mom, what are the biggest challenges you face?

SARA: The biggest challenges I face are the constant juggles of family & work life. Luckily I have the ability to work somewhat from my home office and lunch often with my family throughout my work days.

M: What are some things you have learned as a working mom, some lessons you can share with other working mothers?

S: That it’s ok to say “no”… It’s ok to say no to work and social requests when I am feeling overloaded and need a slow down in my schedule.

M: If you could change one thing about your schedule as a working mom, what would you change?

S: I would ask for hours in the day. So much to get done in so little time.

M: What is your favorite part of your schedule as a working mom?

S: Watching Patrick feed our children breakfast through my home office doors while I make my morning calls.

M: Do you find time for yourself? What do you do during that time?

S: Though the time I find for myself is few and far between, I like to enjoy a glass of wine and talking to my girlfriends on the phone.

M: What are some of your favorite things to do in Saratoga Springs?

S: I absolutely LOVE spending time in the Market 32. Patrick grocery shops while I take the kids on an adventure through the produce department that usually ends up with a bite to eat from the hot line.

Enjoying time at the track, love taking hikes in the park, love staying an overnight at the Gideon Putnam after a night of concerts at SPAC. Walking down Broadway and enjoying all that the local shops and eateries have to offer.

M: What are some of your favorite Saratoga specific shops and events?

S: I absolutely love the Lather Bar Soap Company on Broadway as well as Saratoga Tea & Honey (Auggie loves their honey off sticks), The Saratoga Olive Oil Company, as well as the Slainte Studio. My family supports local companies as often as possible.

M: What are some of your favorite products/must haves as a working mom?

I must have my i-6plus & I-pad! I use these two items to enhance my workflow and work capabilities so that I can be as efficient as possible in the time that I have to accomplish my work.

Licensed in real estate in 2001, Sara practiced real estate while finishing her degree from SUNY Brockport in 2005. While mainly practicing Commercial Sales, Leasing and new merchant development for the majority of her career, Sara has made herself familiar and well versed in the Saratoga Springs Single family & new construction market since relocating to upstate in late 2012.

Sara started her family with business and life partner, Patrick Fitch in 2014, and they now have a daughter, August Anne, and son, Jameson Adam. While in the throes of balancing newfound motherhood and a career, Sara enjoys hiking, fishing with Patrick, and snowboarding (when she can find the time). Find out more about Sara and Patrick by clicking here, and a big thank you to Sara for being part of the Mom Life Series! xoxo

Article from mamatoga.