Saratoga Mineral Springs

March 30, 2018

The mineral springs in Saratoga are among the few naturally carbonated springs in the country.
The springs are a result of a geological fault that allows water trapped in shallow layers, to surface. Iriquois and Mohawk tribes drank and bathed in these waters because they believed in the healing properties.
The Mohawk tribe called the area “Serachtuague”, which means place of the fast moving water. Somewhere along the line the name turned into Saratoga.

Even George Washington was an advocate of the waters healing benefits. He was particularly interested in High Rock Springs and tried, unsuccessfully, to purchase the land and the spring in 1783, but others had already secured the land. Doctors recommended drinking the waters to cure kidney and liver complaints, diabetes, heartburn, and hangovers, just to name a few.

By the middle of the 19th century, Saratoga became the “Queen of Spas.” During the mid 1800’s and through the 1900’s, Saratoga was the place to see and be seen. The gilded age saw people such as the Whitneys, Vanderbilts, Diamond Jim Brady, Lillian Russell and many more prominent people. The large homes on North Broadway were originally Summer homes for those who came for the waters.

Make it a point to try a couple of these at a time, until you’ve tasted them all.

Saratoga Mineral Springs