Summer 2022 Décor Trends

August 03, 2022

This summer we’ve got the list of the hottest trends for styling your home!  Summer 2022 is all about vibrant accents and keeping it light and fresh throughout the spaces in your home.  Instill happy, summer vibes that can be carried on throughout the year by creating a sanctuary that you’re excited to spend time in, as well as to show it off to friends and family! Here are some of our favorite inspiration ideas that have popped up in Summer 2022.

Blue Accents in Room

Be Bold- The theme for the summer is cheerful, saturated, and colorful palettes. Create an atmosphere that uplifts the senses through something as simple as colors and accents around the house. There has been research to look at the effect color can have to lift the mood – from yellows to increase feelings of happiness and greens for a sense of calm.  Bright accents such as throw pillows, trim, and colorful flowers are some simple ways to add a pop of color. And don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, you may be surprised how bold accents can spice up a room!  Two main colors that are on trend this season are blue and green tones.  These colors are earthy, can enhance some more neutral tones, or even stand out on their own. Light blue shades are beautiful to add and can be very contemporary, as well as accents of emerald green.

House Plants on a Console Table

Nature is in- Especially after the past several years of indoor pandemic living, outdoor spaces have been a huge focus for many homeowners.  While it is important to spend time in decorating these outdoor spaces, seamless transitions can also be considered from outdoors to inside. Some ways to achieve this transition are to embrace exterior views, light and breezy planned spaces, and to include plants to bring any indoor space alive. Don’t have a green thumb? Faux plants can do the trick just as well! Storing plants in fun planters can add pops of color and texture to the space.  In addition to plants, natural, such as stone, accents for coffee tables, accent walls, or coasters, helps to bring organic shapes and feel to indoor spaces.  It feels luxurious, while being earthy and allowing other features around the house to shine.  Use other aspects of biophilic design principles, like maximizing natural light, ventilation, and introducing nature-inspired colors and materials to complete the transition of bringing the outdoors inside your home.

Dog on Dog Bed in Front of Couch

Pets Matter- When decorating your space, don’t neglect pet essentials in the design. Contrary to popular belief, toys, bedding, and other pet goodies can add to the overall aesthetic of your home. Find toys that fit the theme, and store them in a cute container that can be also used as simple decoration to the room that it is in.  On a dog bed, pick a neutral color for the actual bed and allow toys, and a throw-pet-blanket to shine on top. It doesn’t need to be over the top, but there is no reason it should throw off the flow and feeling in the space.

Spa Bathroom

Invest In You- While being able to decorate our house beautifully can make us happy overall, invest in a room (bathroom, closet, workout space) that is all about YOU. Self-care is an important aspect of wellness, and a current focus in design, that you can consider as you plan spaces in your home.  Pick colors, and décor that makes you happy and feel good. One current trend to do this has been through transforming your bathroom into a “Spathroom” – or a spa-inspired bathroom! Consider soaking tubs to relax, candles to place around the room, as well as Epsom salts and other sensory objects that can increase serotonin. Opt for low lighting, neutral everything, and clean lines to achieve this aesthetic.


If you are looking to make new décor updates in your home this year, try out these trends as we head into the deep months of summer to see how they change the space in a bright and refreshing way.  It’s time to be bold and colorful, while designing for multiuse and wellness throughout the home.


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