Summer BBQ Essentials

June 15, 2022

As we enter the hot summer months, backyard barbeques become an entertainment staple and great way to socialize with friends and family.  Getting prepared for the gathering is a must to ensure guests are happy and hosts are enjoying the party rather than running around.  We have thought of a few ways to create this vibrant summer aesthetic, as well as ease for our hosts throughout the planning.

Woman arranging dining table with bouquet of flowers. Setting table for garden party

Setting the Mood– We want to create a summer oasis in the backyard for our guests to enjoy! Try and find seating such as folding tables, picnic tables, and Adirondack chairs for guests to sit at. Placing a light tablecloth and small accent pieces such as flowers can be an easy way to decorate seating areas, as well as add to the outdoor summer vibe we are going for. It doesn’t need to be over the top and we want to create a laidback environment that focuses on the socialization of the party rather than over the top décor.

Close up picture of a string light bulbs at sunset on the rooftop.

Focus on Lighting– Another easy way to set the mood is lighting fixtures – string lights hanging around the backyard brighten up the space and allow the party to carry into the evening. These hanging lights can create a starry night over the space and add a lot of character as the night progresses. One other way to brighten the space is the use of outdoor torches, a summer-time staple, that can be placed throughout the yard and add to the ambiance.  The tiki torches also serve a dual purpose as they can be utilized as a great bug repellent if they are citronella infused!

chilled colorful beverages in ice box. summer party

Summer Drinks at the Ready– Light beers and summer ales are great to have handy in a cooler for guests to enjoy throughout the day.  While we want to make sure to have enough options for guests, try to stick to two beer options as it can be overwhelming and costly as the host.  You can also mimic a similar cooler for spiked seltzers or teas for non-beer drinkers.  It is essential that these coolers are always stocked with ice as the hot summer day will melt it quickly, and nothing ruins the refreshing vibe than drinking a warm beer!  Include other drink options guests can help themselves to in large drink dispensers, such as mason jars, that are easily refillable and look aesthetic.  Fill one with ice water infused with fruit slices as a non-alcoholic option, alongside lemonade for the kids. Lastly, it can be hard to choose whether guests would prefer red or white wine, so as we like to say, Rose’ all day!  This is the perfect summer option and can also be transformed into a fresh sangria to add into the self-serving dispensers.  And if there is anything to take out of this post, remember ice!

BBQ Essentials

Feel Good Food– Simple appetizers and snacks are important to have out upon guest arrival.  A great idea for this could be making various dips to enjoy with chips and bread, as well as asking guests to bring their favorite dips to share with the party.  Bruschetta, crostinis, and a fruit platter are also great options to include in the spread.  A summer barbeque would not be complete without some grilling, and a great way to make it efficient and fun is creating a burger bar.  Set up accouchements and other fixings on a table for guests to build their own burger, allowing for the person grilling to just focus on cooking the food.  Make sure to keep the table stocked throughout the process to keep it looking nice and giving guests plenty of options.  A fresh summer salad pairs beautifully with the grilling and allows for guests to have a non-meat option.

BBQ Essentials

Entertainment Galore– Don’t have a pool? Don’t fret, we have come up with some easy and simple ideas for guests to enjoy their time outdoors!  Games such as cornhole, Kan Jam and volleyball are just a few examples of some fun activities and icebreakers, especially if not everyone is acquainted, and for various age ranges.  Make sure to keep some light and fun music on in the background to help encourage that feel good vibe we are trying to invoke to keep guests in that bright summer mood.  As the night approaches, set up a campfire in a firepit, and have some s’mores ready to roast.  Make sure to not stress, allow for the party to have flow and for your guests as well as yourself to simply enjoy a beautiful summer day!


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