The Summer Months in Saratoga

May 04, 2017

Written by: Camille Hord

 What a fun place Saratoga is, in the Summer months. From dining Al Fresco, to walks through Congress Park, visiting the Geysers and the various springs in the State park.  I took a ride through the  State Park over the weekend , and it brought back memories of the picnics my mother used to take us on, next to the little creek.  She would put out sandwiches and chips and we would think it was the  greatest thing in the world to put our feet in the water and try to catch pollywogs.  After awhile the park provided small charcoal grills and we were happy to be able to barbecue hot dogs and  hamburgers.  Boy, did we look forward to that.  It was fun watching the great geyser next to the Hayes spring.  We would stay until the mosquitos decided we would be their dinner.  Do kids do this stuff  anymore?

Also, It’s actually very relaxing, on a Sunday morning, to grab a cup of coffee and drive into Congress Park sit on a bench,  watch the ducks and enjoy the peace.

Taking a walk down Broadway and experiencing all the little shops is quite fun.  You can go from clothing shops, to an olive oil store, to a teashop and much more.  By the way, down miss all the great little  finds on the side streets off Broadway.

During the Racing Season, you crab your cup of coffee very, very early in the morning, and go over to the track and watch the horses work out, sometimes in the fog right after the sun rises.  Of course you can always go there for breakfast too, but I never found that to be as much fun or as relaxing.

Saratoga Lake now has a public beach again for swimming and a restaurant, Dock Brown.s Tavern, to feed you and quench your thirst. It is right on the beach and there is deck dining as well as inside.  I remember when that beach had amusement park rides. What great memories!  At the other end of the Lake is another restaurant, Lake Local, with great food and drinks, and they rent out paddle boards.

Then, of course there is the Yaddo.  Always one my favorite places. It consists of the formal rose gardens, with Italian and French influences, the beautiful rock gardens, fountains, statuary and a mansion that serves as a retreat for artists and writers.  The mansion is only open to the public about once a year for a tour.  As a teenager we would ride our bikes out Union Ave to the Yaddo, bring sandwiches, a book and spend the afternoon.

When the day has wound down, there are any number of places to get libations and food.  Saratoga gives you quite a variety in dining. From bagel and coffee shops, to very kid friendly places, Pizza shops, craft beer places, right up to the very high end dining experience.  So no matter what you’re looking for, you will find it in Saratoga.

There are so many things to see and do in Saratoga in the summer and I’ve only touched on a few.  So get out, enjoy the sunshine and take lots and lots of pictures.