They’re Off

July 20, 2017

By: Camille Hord

So here we are again, another racing season at Saratoga!!!!  I’m one of those that really doesn’t mind all the traffic and congestion in the city.  I only live a few blocks from the Club House Gate so the street in front of my house is lined up with cars early in the morning for those that want to partake of the breakfast or just go over to watch the horses work out.

Later in the day it is lined up with another group that are track goers and employees that are willing to park three blocks away.  They get out of their cars with huge coolers, big umbrellas, diaper bags and kids in tow.

It’s kind of funny to watch a group wondering the streets, after the races, trying to find their car after they have had a few too many.  Believe it or not, this happens at least a few times a season in front of my house.  It’s also a very interesting time because if I am out front, many people will say hello and remark that they like my horse heads in front of the house, so I have had many conversations with some very captivating and amusing people.

I don’t go into the track all that much anymore because I prefer the Back Stretch.  I’m lucky enough to have some friends that are owners so I can get in there.  It is much quieter, has betting windows, you can get a beer, wine or soda, some food and just relax under the trees in a compfy chair and a Racing Form.

I can sit out in my patio and sometimes hear the muted call of a race and then the music at Siro’s in the evening.  All in all it is a great time of year. The city comes alive and I have felt this since I was a child.

Watching those majestic animals cross the road on Union Ave never ceases to amaze me.  Sure, it holds up traffic a bit, but this what Saratoga is all about this time of year.

So I hope everyone enjoys the season, the horses, the galas and parties, the Philadelphia Orchestra and special events at SPAC. It is a great and happy time of year!!!!!!!!