5 Builder Trends from the 2021 Saratoga Showcase of Homes

October 20, 2021

Showcase of Homes, Julie & Co. Realty

With two full weekends to tour twelve premier homes in the Saratoga region, the 2021 Saratoga Showcase of Homes was back better than ever! This year’s Showcase, which was its 25th year of the annual builder’s event, featured both single family homes as well as two condominium projects. With a wide range of designs, located from Rexford to Saratoga Springs, New York, the region’s top builders had the opportunity to display the best of their projects and communities.

Did you miss the Showcase? We’ve compiled all of this year’s biggest home design trends from Saratoga builders – from kitchens to baths, and everything in between. Take a look below to see what trends stayed the same and what bold new designs builders created in 2021.

Black Trim in White Family Room, Julie & Co. Realty

Black trim and accents – Clean and contemporary features made big impressions in this year’s Showcase homes, especially in bold use of black. From matte black walls to black trim and shutters, this year’s builders chose to use the color in a big way. Caruso Builders brought out black accents on both the exterior and interior of their build, with cabinets, walls, and siding that feature the color scheme, while Kohler Homes used black window frames to add refinement to the family room in their home.

Sapphire Blue Appliances, Julie & Co. Realty

Dark Blue Appliances – While stainless steel has ruled the appliance scene, dark colors are back in a fresh, new way. Several of the Showcase homes, such as Kodiak Construction’s, featured Sapphire Blue frontloading washers and dryers. The dark color is sleek, pairing well with both warm-toned laundry rooms that featured creams and wood panels, as well as cool, grey interiors.

Curved Archway in Bedroom, Julie & Co. RealtyArchways – Softer, more organic architectural details set many of the Showcase homes apart this year. The Witt Construction home at 36 Hyde Street showcased lovely archways that complemented a warm, earthy feel in the home. Complete with textured walls in many areas, the home on Hyde Street was a unique departure from the farmhouse chic that is still a dominant theme this year.

Wicker Furniture in Dark Dining Room, Julie & Co. Realty Wicker – While refined wood and fabric were the standard furniture materials, wicker made an appearance, even in interior settings. Caruso Builders chose wicker options for their kitchen and dining area seating, which played a counterbalance to the darker elements in both spaces.

Covered Loggia at the Moderne Condominiums, Julie Co. RealtyPrivate Outdoor Environments – Bonacio Construction boasted an innovative condo design around a covered loggia that connected several areas of the home to the outdoors. While the condominium project is right in the heart of Downtown Saratoga Springs, the clever loggia design allows a private, refreshing outdoor environment for both entertaining and relaxing for each unit – away from the excitement of the Downtown area.

As it is every year, the 2021 Saratoga Showcase of Homes provided an opportunity for the area’s premier builders to open the doors to their gorgeous model homes to the public. Whether Showcase visitors were in the market to build their own home, remodel their existing home, or simply come together and celebrate the new ideas of local builders, this year’s Showcase excelled at providing excellent examples of what can be done in modern residential building.

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