8 Fall Décor Ideas for 2021

October 06, 2021

Fall Decor, Julie & Co. Realty

It’s that time of year again! The leaves are turning colors, there’s a cool crisp in the air, and – what’s that?- the smell of a pumpkin candle being lit in your living room? When fall comes around the corner, many homeowners start to get the new season itch to decorate. While it’s impossible to go wrong with the tried and true décor that has been up in your attic from last year, if your home is looking for a bit of an autumn refresh, take a look at the latest fall home décor trends below.

Fall Decor, Julie & Co. RealtyBlush Colors – While earthy browns, oranges and yellows are a welcome color palette each fall, this year try out a rosy blush tone to accent your home to take it from classic to modern! Accent pillows, a new throw, or even non-traditionally painted pumpkins with this shade will complement the rest of an autumn theme.

Velvet – Velvet has made a comeback recently, with lots of clothing designers using the fabric in their looks. Why not use this fun texture around the house, too? Velvet can add that touch of class to any room.

Fall Decor, Julie & Co. RealtyMacrame – Thought macrame had fallen by the wayside after the 1960s and 70s? Think again! This fun craft can be used as a wall hanging, plant holder, or even a frame for a mirror, like in this creative video.

Fall Decor, Julie & Co. RealtyAcorns, Pinecones, and More – Décor doesn’t need to come from a catalogue or a store. Sometimes the best options are right in your own backyard! Fill a vase with seasonal nuts from the trees outside. Or make a wreath from vines or branches that are in season. Options from your yard and local farmers markets can be almost endless.

Fall Decor, Julie & Co. RealtyLanterns –With options for a spooky, Halloween theme to elegant and stately designs, lanterns are a classic way to decorate for fall. Put a candle, fairy lights, or even potpourri inside your lantern to fit in with any space. Lanterns can come in lots of materials, but tarnished bronze and silver patina are particularly on trend in 2021.

Fall Decor, Julie & Co. RealtyCrates – For outdoor and indoor decorations, consider stacking your pumpkins and lanterns at multiple heights to add visual interest to your design. An effortless and on-theme option for stacking are crates, which can be painted, stained, or left raw to compliment the other colors and textures on your porch and in your home.

Fall Decor, Julie & Co. RealtyGarland – While evergreen garland is perfect for the winter holidays, try a garland of leaves, dried fruits, and berries like this one to decorate for fall. Sometimes a splash of color over an entranceway or across a table is just the addition your home needs to feel perfect for the season.

Fall Decor, Julie & Co. RealtyChunky Knits – Whether it’s accent pillows, a couch throw, or a new ottoman, chunky knits are quintessential fall décor. As the weather gets cooler, this piece of décor can not only be beautiful in your home, but also keeps you warm and cozy!

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